• Pim & Jita For Jumpboxes

    Introduction & Use Case: During a regular security audit, you’ve discovered several jump boxes with network access to sensitive corporate resources (such as mission-critical production SQL databases) are exposed via RDP port 3389 to the internet and you need to lock them down. [Read More]
  • Deploy Defender For Iot Ot Network Sensor

    Introduction & Use Case: You’ve deployed your sensors through Azure IoT Hub and onboarded your telemetry to a Log Analytics Workspace, but you’re a ninja and know there’s more to defending your shinobi dojo’s IoT infrastructure… Enter the Defender for IoT Operational Technology (OT) sensor! [Read More]
  • Gmsa Based Dsa Accounts For Defender For Identity

    Introduction & Use Case: Leveraging Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA) for use as the Domain Service Accounts (DSA) in your Defender for Identity deployments provides enhanced security and maximizes your coverage. In this blog post, we will breakdown and streamline gMSA account creation for use as a DSA for both... [Read More]
  • Sentinel Integrated Rpi Soil Sensor 2.0 Part 4

    Introduction & Use Case: Today, We’ll build some automation (playbooks 📒) to swiftly address incidents when logged data values breach predefined thresholds. In this case, I’d like automated alerts ⚠ for when my plants are too hot 🔥, too cold ❄, or too thirsty 💧. [Read More]