• Sentinel Integrated Rpi Soil Sensor 2.0

    Introduction and Use Case: This post follows up on a couple of previous posts where we deployed a raspberry pi headlessly and onboarded syslog and auth logs (for security) to a log analytics workspace, then added an I2C soil moisture & temperature sensor and streamed the sensor data to the... [Read More]
  • Sentinel Integrated Rpi Soil Sensor

    Introduction and Use Case: As the agricultural industry continues to evolve and embrace new technologies, cost-effective and reliable IoT devices such as Raspberry Pi-based soil sensors have emerged as critical tools for farmers and growers. These sensors provide real-time data on soil conditions, enabling both large scale farmers and small-time... [Read More]
  • Powerbi & Log Analytics Workspace

    Introduction and Use Case: Microsoft Sentinel is a powerful tool that enables security teams to detect, investigate, and respond to threats across their entire organization. However, when it comes to presenting this data to clients, it can be challenging to make sense of the raw data, and it can take... [Read More]
  • Configure A Chatbot With Azure Openai Studio

    Introduction and Use Case: Have you ever wondered how to take your LLM (Language Model) to the next level? Look no further, because we have got you covered. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of configuring an LLM with Azure OpenAI Studio, taking your natural... [Read More]
  • Peeling The Kql Potato

    Introduction and Use Case: The sheer versatility of KQL as a query language is staggering. The fact that there are so many query variations that ultimately deliver to the same results, leads me to think how one query could be more beneficial than another in a given circumstance. Today we’ll... [Read More]