• Peeling The Kql Potato

    Introduction and Use Case: The sheer versatility of KQL as a query language is staggering. The fact that there are so many query variations that ultimately deliver to the same results, leads me to think how one query could be more beneficial than another in a given circumstance. Today we’ll... [Read More]
  • Iot Azure Cost Monitor

    Introduction and Use Case: This project is intended to demonstrate a real-world use-case for leveraging the Azure cost management API with an ESP32/wireless enabled EInk IoT display device [Read More]
  • Raspberry Pi Logging To Analytics Workspace

    Introduction and Use Case: You’re an industrial manufacturing plant manager, you need to prototype, deploy, secure, and remotely manage connected electronic devices at scale. You need to be practical and most importantly, cost-effective. Thankfully, you’ve made good decisions up to this point and have invested in a SIEM such as... [Read More]
  • Purview Sensitivity Labels

    Introduction and Use Case: Contoso Co. is kicking off a new top-secret project loaded with IP that’s going to give them an edge if they can get to market before the competitors figure out what they’ve got. They’ve code-named this Project AWESOME and need to protect any/all data and communications... [Read More]
  • Kql Detective Part 3

    What Went Down? The following KQL query is great for checking out your billable ingest patterns over the past quarter for Quarterly Business Reports and stuff. In this scenario, you run this query and discover a significant drop in billable ingest volume for a couple of weeks. You’re delivering the... [Read More]